Fernando Moran - Architecture


Fernando Moran, a native of Buenos Aires, Argentina, knew from an early age of his interest in the arts, design and mechanics, which led him to produce a variety of products, from highly creative toys to a number of nationally recognized designs.

In 1986, he attended the University of Belgrano, where he received his Degree in Architecture, specializing in Urban Planning.

After receiving his Architects License, in Argentina, Fernando founded and directed his own company for five years, which allowed him to gain first-hand experience in all the phases of business management, client relationship, design and construction. In 2001, attracted by the modular construction system, he moved to the U.S. to work with architect Douglas Cutler; one of the greater celebrities in design and modular construction.  He was part of the company for over four years, and still maintains a close relationship today.

Additionally, Fernando worked for David Graham Architects for three years.  At David Graham Architects, he was exposed to all phases of the design and construction of large, high-end luxury homes in the Westchester and Manhattan areas.

In 2008, he became the Design Team Leader at Design Builders & Remodeling, Inc. located in Connecticut - a position that he currently holds.

The knowledge he gained in Wood Framing Construction over the last 12 years, combined with his previous experience with masonry and concrete construction systems, contributes to Fernando Moran's unique approach to any design challenge.  His broad experience and endless motivation for improvement are evident in each of his designs.

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